The Hershey Story (The New Attraction)


Kevin Hart Talks Career and the Funny Business

Swoosh! Inside Nike Documentary


14 Year Old Future Millionaire Investor

Young investor is definitely on his way to be a millionaire at such a young age. 14 year old boy knows the concept and techniques of investing in the stock market. Here is his story. Very Inspirational!

Meet the Real Gordon Gekko of Wallstreet

Jordan Belfort, who’s been called various names-“Gordon Gekko,” “King,” and “The Wolf of Wall Street”-was once at the top of the world. He made more money than any working person could fathom, went on jet-setting splurges around the world using private helicopters, limousines, jets, and yachts, and he lived a life of unbridled hedonism (read: women, drugs, wild parties, more women). You can do these kinds of things when you’re making millions of dollars a week, sometimes in minutes. Hear how it all ended up for the Wolf of Wallstreet….

Daymond John discusses how he created a billion dollar empire

Daymond John, founder of Fubu goes on the Big Idea with Donnie Deutch and discusses his start and success with a billion dollar empire.

Porter Says Art Auction Buyers Are Back in Force

Marc Porter, president of Christie’s Americas, talks about the state of the art auction market. He speaks with Carol Massar and Matt Miller on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.”

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