San Francisco’s Founders Den: Invitation-Only Entrepreneurs Club

The hottest club in San Francisco won’t let just anybody through its front doors; it doesn’t matter if you’re a movie star or singer as fame holds no bearing on gaining entrance. The Founders Den is exclusively geared toward entrepreneurs and provides a space for them to work amongst other successful entrepreneurs, bouncing ideas off one another.

The Founders Den held its launch party on Tuesday night this week and hundreds of invite-only attendants partied into the wee hours of the morning. Bringing together entrepreneurs, techies and venture capitalists from around innovation hub Silicon Valley, the Founders Den was started by four noted entrepreneurs – although they admit not all of their business ventures have been successful.

Jason Johnson, Michael Levit, Jonathan Abrams and Zack Bogue have all started profitable – and some failed – businesses, including Friendster, a popular social network before it was eclipsed by Facebook over the past six years.

The four friends founded the club as a networking tool for entrepreneurs in and outside of the Bay Area, affirming to Forbes that the goal was to “make sure there’s a good mix of people here so that everyone has someone they can learn from every step of the way as they build their companies.”

There are currently 15 people renting space in the workshop, but Abrams asserts that they expect a turnover every six months as companies graduate to their own offices. However, if you’re hoping to get into the entrepreneurial hub, you better know a founder, a sponsor or someone who is on the Advisory Board – otherwise, you should get used to working on your business plan in your mother’s basement.

Source: Young Money Magazine


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