Russell Simmons Reveals How to Be ‘Super Rich’ in New Book

Notably one of the wealthiest people in entertainment and fashion, Russell Simmons is sharing his secrets in his new book ‘Super Rich: A Guide to Having It All.’ The music mogul certainly knows about being “super rich.” Simmons — who in 1991 founded Rush Communications as a way to bundle his many investments and brands — is reportedly worth close to $300 million and counting, but Simmons has a penchant for charity and is just as generous as wealthy.

“I wrote this next book from the beginning, as an offering as something that I hoped would really affect people in a profound way,” Simmons explains in a video statement. “We’re born to be servants, to be good givers. I keep reminding people that if you wake up and think about what you’re going to give … that kind of giver is a good getter.”

‘Super Rich: A Guide to Having It All’ will be available online and in book stores on Jan. 4, 2011. Check out the mogul’s video statement after the jump.

Source: The Boombox


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