Kanye West Makes Great Business Moves With Kim Khardashian

Kanye West has been annoying at times, but no one can say this man is stupid, in fact his newest move is quite brilliant. Kayne West is collaborating with Kim Kardashian on a video for her first pop single. West knows anything this girl touches is gold, so he is making a great business move appearing with Kim Kardashian on her video.

Kim Kardashian, who up until now has not demonstrated any talents of her own, is recording an entire album. The first released single off her new album will have Kim and Kanye West in the video.

Will Kim Kardashian make it to pop stardom? If she really wants to she might have a good chance at it. If Kim shows this is not just something she wants to try on for size and starts touring, she may be as sought after as Lady Gaga. Oh, this is providing she has a half way decent voice. If she comes out sounding like Tiny Tim, then Kim has a “novelty album” for her fans!

Kim Kardashian appears enthusiastic about her new walk in life. She tweets some innuendos about what she is doing, without giving away anything to hold onto.

Will Kim be singing love songs, sexy songs, or girl power songs? We will have to wait and see.

Last time Kim Kardashian was in Connecticut she was the celebrity hostess for the grand opening of a classy bowling lane inside the Foxwoods Casino compound. Next time she appears at Foxwoods, she may be filling the arena and singing her tunes. There is no telling what this diva will be doing next?

By: iVillage


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